Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 24, 2007 Lindsay Lohan ruined my morning

Week 2 Day 6
It’s the day before my second evaluation and I’m feeling a bit nervous! I’m afraid that I’m going to be disappointed, I don’t feel like I had a great week like I felt last week. I went to bed at 3 AM and woke up at 6 AM working on that damn research paper and feel like I didn’t get very much done! In the morning I was so tired that I got easily distracted from research and found myself following the Lindsay lohan drama on perez hilton’s site, damn her. Today, I met with a friend, had a job interview, and then went to work. Since I had a hectic day lunch ended up just being a handful of almonds (but it’s better than skipping lunch!) and thus I ended up having a heavier dinner.

Also, I’m really noticing the comeback of urges and cravings that were absent the first week. When I finished the dinner plate I portioned out for myself I wanted more food and let myself have another serving of toubilah salad which is healthy but does have olive oil and thus added a good bit of cals and fat. This could be due to the stress I’m under like I mentioned in the last post, it could also possibly be due to me having a snack in place of lunch. I should really try to avoid setting myself up for failures and making sure that I do have a protein breakfast and that I eat a real lunch. If I still find it tough to urge the cravings I’m going to bring it up to Cecilia, maybe I need a different prescription or supplement.

The good news is that today I only had 910 calories (34 fat, 81 grams of carbs-I had a hot tamale and ground wheat), the bad news is about ¾ of it was from dinner. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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