Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18, 2007 I LOST 9 LBS IN 1 WEEK

Week 1 Day 7

I went down to Body Image this morning for my first evaluation appointment (I have to admit, I did skip breakfast that day), I met a new nice lady who weighed me in, there was a couple of seconds there where she was making sure she was reading the scale right and kept looking at my chart and then announced “Yup, 9 pounds!” From 190 to 181 in 7 days!! Everyone in the office was really proud of me and the physician said that I had an “exceptional week”
9 Pounds in a week is just unbelievable, I mean literally if someone told me they lost 9 pounds in a week I wouldn’t believe them especially as a diet veteran, I never experienced results like this. The closest thing to fast results was on the south beach diet when I lost 7 pounds in the first two weeks. I even had Mcdonald’s fries, ate at PF changs, and went to a lunch party during the week! I called my mom on the way home and told her and her response was “liar....”. I texted my two friends that I chose to tell about the diet my results and she responded back “that’s great but don’t you feel really hungry,” LOOOL, it cracked me up that she’s under the impression that I’m starving myself.
Cecille, the program founder and nutritionist reviewed my diary and suggested I make small but more healthy choices such as replacing my coffee mate (which I thought was totally healthy since it barely has cals and carbs) with soy creamer and try to eat less beef and more turkey and chicken. She also gave me a meal plan and some recipes and I decided to actually cook a real meal today. I got my ingredients from whole foods for the raviolo recipe in my little packet and I’m not kidding that was probably the best ravioli I had in my life!

At the end of today I consumed 859 calories, 43.5 g of fat, and 56.5 grams of carbs the overwhelming majority of that being from my amazing ravioli lunch!


Anonymous said...

Hey thats great .. am looking to lose about 25 pounds - hoping to lose even just 15 in a month, but ive been told even that much is unhealthy! And uve lost 9 pounds in a week! I envy you !!! :D

im eating like u since the last few days and when u eat healthy, its difficult to reach the 1000 calorie mark isnt it?! i had a chicken salad for lunch and lots of fruit etc. and still i only had 600-700 calories !!! but i was actually full up!!! :D

Am 23 as well.. trying to lose the weight for the summer and keep it off.. ive always been slightly bigger than id like to be.. but this yr i gained abt 10 lbs, and i really really need to lose atleast 15-25 lbs to be in the healthy range again! :D

Good luck with week 2! :D

amma15 said...

thanks alot! I think 15 in your FIRST month is pretty reasonable. You're totally right, when you eat healthy food you really have to eat alot to get to 1000. Today I had ravioli and chicken salad and I barely reached 1000 cals.
Keep reading my blog it will give you motivation and encouragement, if I can do 85 you can totally do 25!

healthyman said...

Thats wonderful! 9 pounds in a week is not necessarily unhealthy. I lose around 4 pounds every week... but on the weekends i binge so much it cancels it out. ITs depressing :(