Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 21, 2007 Setback at Dinner Party and JEANS

July 21, 2007
DAMN! Today I ate pretty bad, definitely the worst day since starting the program. My mom cooked couscous (wheat) which is like my favorite food, so I had it for breakfast and I guess my first big mistake is having all those carbs for breakfast. Then I went to shadow an optometrist for three hours and right after I had to rush to work for a four hour shift, my schedule was too hectic for me to think about eating something although I did have almonds and string cheese in my bag, so that was the second mistake I made. When I get off my shift not only was I tired, exhausted, and in a pretty bad mood like I usually am when I get off of work but I was also hungry and I didn’t have my fiber pills with me to try to control that. Guess where I was going after work? A dinner party!!!!!

When I got there the ONLY healthy thing being served was salad and shrimp and it had lemon juice in it which I don’t really care for. I still ate the salad, I had small portions of everything but it was all unhealthy food and it added up to lots of cals, fat, and especially carbs! I put a good serving of salad and shrimp and a little bit of fettuccini alfredo, small piece of friend fish, one egg roll, a little bit of rice, and half of a texas toast (this was basically what I did at the last lunch party I went to but the difference there was that there was more healthy than non healthy options). My friend made a comment that I was putting too little food on my plate, my reply was that I want to try everything first in case I didn’t like it (I don’t like telling people I’m on a diet plus I find that people get annoyed anyway). I didn’t finish my plate, so in terms of the amount I ate considering I was at a dinner party I did good but still all that junk stuff added up and at the end of the day after estimating how much of everything I ate I had 1400 calories, 35 grams of fat, and 130 grams of carbs!!! Definitely the most since starting the program and the first time I went over the recommended 1200 calories. So I would say the third mistake is that not bringing my fiber pills, the fourth mistake is that I should have realized I could have done without a couple of those options such as the piece of fried fish, I don’t even like fried fish! Also I could have done without the half a texas toast, it was one of those frozen food things and just not as appetizing as the other stuff, the exclusion of those 2 would have brought me under 1200. I recognized 4 mistakes about today and hopefully I’ll remember to not repeat them. Oh, and I did skip desert, and absolutely everyone there ate desert so I’m proud of myself!

I do have good news! Guess what I wore to work today? JEANS!!! I got self-conscious this morning getting dressed and I thought I don’t want my coworkers to know that I wear the same 2 dress pants every time so I decided to try my jeans which a week and a half ago I had to lie down just to pull the jeans up most of my butt, zipping and buttoning wasn’t even an option I just made sure I was wearing a long shirt. Today they fi,t zipped, and buttoned. They were tight but this is still a huge accomplishment in a week and a half., I just can’t believe how fast I’m getting smaller, that was just a week and a half ago!!!

I just remembered, at the dinner party a friend commented that I looked like I lost “a lot of weight.” I was happy to hear that although my mom says she doesn’t notice a difference but she’s a pessimist anyway.

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