Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007 I'm Still Going Strong Folks!

Hey everyone-I'm hoping I still have some readers left LOL! I just wanted to say thanks for the emails and comments (the few of them)-I read and respond to them all and totally appreciate the support and I love hearing about everyone else's efforts.

I skipped this week's evaluation which was yesterday because I felt like I was too busy to go-that was probably a mistake! Anyway, last week's evaluation I dropped another 1.5 lbs. I'm not sure what my exact total is now because I realized that apparently the clinic had a completely differen't starting weight then I had for myself so if I go by their number I lost 16.5 but if I go by mine I have like 18.5 down. I think my number is more accurate because when I went to the clinic the first time it was in the afternoon and I didn't eat anything the whole day so that is probably why there's a difference but 2 lbs is not a big deal! I just like saying I lost 18.5 over 16.5 (it's been about a month and a half)!

Towards the end of my first month I noticed the tenuate was losing its effictiveness on me and I brought it up to the physician, he said some people do build an immunity to it and he prescribed me something called Bontril which is suppressing my appetite but I feel kind of edgy at times.

Although my weight loss is definately noticeable and I've been getting comments I can do SO MUCH MORE! I've been lots of junk food, like today I had mcdonalds. This week was the last week for 3 of my friends in town and we have been eating out alot, pretty much on a daily basis! Also, I haven't gone to the gym in like 3 weeks. The other habit I really need to change is that I've been eating late at night-dinner is always around 9PM for me. The reason why I've consistently lost weight every single weekly evaluation is because my portions are small-I just get full on a little bit; however, I know I'd be more successful if I improved my habits-I just find that hard to do when I have like a million things to think about.

This Sunday I'm going to a friend's wedding and I plan on wearing the same dress that I wore to my cousins wedding 3 months ago before I started this program (it's 2 different states!)-if Ifeel good about it I'll post up some pics with me in the dress then and now!!! I'm off now and as always I like to hear from everyone and I really hope my achievement so far has served as some kind of support for you people out there-I'll definately try to more regularly update the blog.

P.S. GOOO SAINTS!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 2007 Back From Hiatus-Lost 17 pounds!!

Hi everyone, wow this blog really needs updating. I haven't been posting because my schedule has been really crazy lately and I've been under lots of stress (still am), but I'm going to try to keep up to date with at least the numbers.

Anyway, I'm still going committed to my bodymakeover although I've had some slipups here and there. Today I went for my 5th evaluation and I lost a total of 17 pounds so far, that's 1 month and like 4 days! I hope that serves as some encouragement for you guys out there.