Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007 I'm Still Going Strong Folks!

Hey everyone-I'm hoping I still have some readers left LOL! I just wanted to say thanks for the emails and comments (the few of them)-I read and respond to them all and totally appreciate the support and I love hearing about everyone else's efforts.

I skipped this week's evaluation which was yesterday because I felt like I was too busy to go-that was probably a mistake! Anyway, last week's evaluation I dropped another 1.5 lbs. I'm not sure what my exact total is now because I realized that apparently the clinic had a completely differen't starting weight then I had for myself so if I go by their number I lost 16.5 but if I go by mine I have like 18.5 down. I think my number is more accurate because when I went to the clinic the first time it was in the afternoon and I didn't eat anything the whole day so that is probably why there's a difference but 2 lbs is not a big deal! I just like saying I lost 18.5 over 16.5 (it's been about a month and a half)!

Towards the end of my first month I noticed the tenuate was losing its effictiveness on me and I brought it up to the physician, he said some people do build an immunity to it and he prescribed me something called Bontril which is suppressing my appetite but I feel kind of edgy at times.

Although my weight loss is definately noticeable and I've been getting comments I can do SO MUCH MORE! I've been lots of junk food, like today I had mcdonalds. This week was the last week for 3 of my friends in town and we have been eating out alot, pretty much on a daily basis! Also, I haven't gone to the gym in like 3 weeks. The other habit I really need to change is that I've been eating late at night-dinner is always around 9PM for me. The reason why I've consistently lost weight every single weekly evaluation is because my portions are small-I just get full on a little bit; however, I know I'd be more successful if I improved my habits-I just find that hard to do when I have like a million things to think about.

This Sunday I'm going to a friend's wedding and I plan on wearing the same dress that I wore to my cousins wedding 3 months ago before I started this program (it's 2 different states!)-if Ifeel good about it I'll post up some pics with me in the dress then and now!!! I'm off now and as always I like to hear from everyone and I really hope my achievement so far has served as some kind of support for you people out there-I'll definately try to more regularly update the blog.

P.S. GOOO SAINTS!!!!!!!!

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