Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 2007 Back From Hiatus-Lost 17 pounds!!

Hi everyone, wow this blog really needs updating. I haven't been posting because my schedule has been really crazy lately and I've been under lots of stress (still am), but I'm going to try to keep up to date with at least the numbers.

Anyway, I'm still going committed to my bodymakeover although I've had some slipups here and there. Today I went for my 5th evaluation and I lost a total of 17 pounds so far, that's 1 month and like 4 days! I hope that serves as some encouragement for you guys out there.

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zeey said...

dammmmn girl i am soooooo proud of u masha'Allah!! that's awesome! keep up the good work ur lookin awesome and i bet u feel good too! I am so happy for you and i am extremely proud of u that ur staying committed to this and focused regardless of all this other stressful stuff going on! KEEP IT UP! (post ur meals i like reading what u eat it gave me healthy ideas!)