Monday, July 23, 2007

July 22, 2007 Will I reach my weekly goal?

July 22, 2007

My mom hosted a potluck dinner party today so I spent the early part running around town doing errands. I had a quick slice of organic deli chicken for breakfast and the same for lunch. At the mall I picked up a low fat mochassippi (the local version of frappuccino but healthier) and drank half of it. We ended up not having dinner until like 9:30 PM and I was the last to serve myself so there wasn’t very much left. I had a few bites of fried pita bread, a couple of grape leaves, and some hummous and baba ghanouj. Someone bought a fruit tart from whole foods which is probably like my favorite desert ever, I cut myself a small piece, but then I served myself another. I would have been better to not have eaten this late but whatever I can’t dwell on it now.

Unfortunately the calorie king website is down so I’m not sure how many calories I had but my estimate is around the 800 range. My evaluation is on Wednesday and although I’m confident I lost some weight I don’t think I’ll be as successful as I could have been with all these dinner and lunch parties I went to this week, not to mention I have yet to go to the gym this week. My goal was to have dropped 4 pounds which is very reasonable considering it’s early in my weight loss. I have two whole days until Wednesday and I should be able to get another pound in-I just need to get focused!

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