Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007 My New Adidas!

Week 2 Day 1

About a week ago, right before I started the program I bought these adidas pants on clearance at lady foot locker that I thought looked cute, I got them in a medium because that was the largest size they had and they were really cheap. When I went home I just couldn’t get the pants past my thighs. Today, I wore those pants out!!!! I have to admit they were tight and I wore a longer sweatshirt to hide my butt but STILL, they fit! I haven’t actually put on any jeans yet. I almost stopped wearing jeans because I find them so uncomfortable and I just refused to buy them in my size with the hopes that I’ll be losing weight. The two jeans that I own and until recently worn are both size 12 and they’re just extremely tight and one of them I can’t get to button, I don’ t know even know what my size is. The past few months I’ve basically been wearing sweatpants, dress pants, and skirts so it’s comforting to know I’m dropping in size!

Today my academic advisor emailed me over a final review paper that I was supposed to turn in months ago to complete my masters degree. It was literally a two-line email and said something like “I’m assuming you’re just about done with your paper”. I sensed his underlying tone of being annoyed which put me in panic mode. I plan on staying up as late as possible to finish that paper even if it’s all night, although I hope I won’t have to do that I’m supposed to be doing some doctor shadowing at 9AM. So that’s another thing I really need to work on in life, time management, focus, and panic control. Hopefully that self-discipline that I’m picking up with this program will help with other aspects of life.

As for my diet today, I had both chicken salad and leftover ravioli for lunch which resulted in a rather high calorie day when compared to my other days on the program, but that’s good, I’m happy; I felt like I was eating too little the other days anyway and was worried about getting my body used to that. At the end of the day I had 1073 calories, 65 grams of fat, and 62.5 grams of carbs.

Update: I got hungry at around 10:30 and I was also really stressed out trying to finish my paper, so I didn't resist and let myself have two slices of low fat deli meat, it's only 50 cals so I'm not worried.


Anonymous said...

Yea 15 lbs in a month sounds reasonable to me - im a size 12-14 too at the moment and i wanna be a slim size 12 (thats my first goal).. and later on, a size 10. That for me is ideal!

That's as far as i wanna go! :D
I need to step the work out up tho - really need to lose the weight now!!!

Great work with the adidas trousers! I'm hoping ill fit into some of my old clothes which are just slightly too tight for me to wear, before the end of august!

Just wanna be a small size 12!!!!!! :D

good luck n ill keep reading from time to time - im off home for a week so might not log on from there, but good luck with week 2, and dont lose hope if u lose less weight a little while into the program, it happens! You go quicker at first, and then it slows down and you might even reach a plateau for a while, but then dont be worried n keep it going!!! That usually happens like 5 lbs before ur goal so dont worry abt it just and keep going strong!!! :D

amma15 said...

That's awesome that you have realistic goals!!! You can definately do it!!! Update me your progress. I'm usually overambitious. So far I've been eating significantly more this week so I know I won't be losing as much but my goal is 4 pounds!