Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 13, 2007 Start With Me

Week 1 Day 2
Weight: 189
Lost: 2
I posted the blog last night and this morning I’m happy to see that the page has been visited 26 times! I’ve decided to try to stay anonymous with this blog and signing up with the clinic, only 2 of my friends and my mom know that I’m doing this. I can’t really explain the reason but right now I just don’t feel comfortable telling people that I’m doing this. I think that a lot of my friends that never had more than 15 pounds to lose just won’t understand my struggle and I guess I fear being judged. I don’t know if people will be supportive, so by letting them know of my struggle before results I feel almost like I’m giving them a power over me. Maybe this thinking is all part of my negative self image, any thoughts?

If you’re reading this blog and need to lose weight but haven’t started a plan yet PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE START NOW! I’m still at the beginning of my journey (day 2) so just think of it that we’re doing this together and I’m sure that reading about my progress everyday will be a constant source of motivation and encouragement. I’m not endorsing one particular plan over the other, how you decide to do it is up to you and I’m no expert, all I’m endorsing is a commitment to lose weight and be healthy. If you’re interested in the medical weight loss that I’m doing I’m sure there’s a medical weight loss clinic in your area just google it or look in the yellow pages, if you have any questions/concerns contact me. You should even start a blog yourself and send me the address; I’d love to read it!

I weighed myself this morning after using the bathroom and I was down 2 lbs from yesterday morning! I realize that this early in the game it’s most likely just water weight but that still makes me happy because after all water is mass. The plan that the nutritionist/counselor put me on includes not eating after 7PM which I personally find very difficult to do since I usually sleep well after midnight. I couldn’t do that last night, by the time I finished having dinner it was 8PM, but I’m not worried about it because by the time I went to bed around 1 AM I was hungry. The physician told me that if I get hungry at night when I’m not supposed to be eating to take a fiber pill which will expand in my stomach and hold me over, but I didn’t want to waste a pill when I was about to go to bed-that bottle wasn’t cheap. I woke up around 6 AM (I’m an early riser) and I felt really bloated. I know that when you’re losing weight your body temporarily replaces the fat with water so I hope that’s the reason why I’m bloated.

Today was…..WEIRD! I ate normal breakfast but by the time lunch came I had an upset stomach and just didn’t want to eat anything, I forced myself to eat a string cheese before work and that served as my lunch. I don’t know if the upset stomach is related to the pills, there’s no way to tell. I had a small dinner; I just didn’t feel like eating. At the end of the day I consumed around 620 calories, 27 grams of fat, and 11 grams of carbs most of which came from breakfast. Just two days ago I was eating a few thousand calories a day (literally speaking I was a binge-eater)!!! However, I’m not happy with myself that I consumed so little, 600 calories is just not healthy and to be honest I’m feeling weak and sick-like and this is not the way that I want to lose weight. Besides that, the last thing I want to do is slow down my metabolism. From now on I’m really going to try to not eat under 1000 calories a day.
I’m off to bed fellow blogreaders!

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