Monday, October 27, 2008

That's cardio my love! plus the hot guy at the gym

Before last week's workout session I sent the following text message to my trainer:

Can we do more ab stuff? we all have muffin top issues.

"We all" includes the 3 other girls I train with as a group.

Here's the reply I got:

That's cardio my love!

I went through this stage where some misguided advice had me belive cardio was bad and the focus should be on strength training. I think they're both pretty important for success. Not only that, but how much strength training can one stand to do? If I can get it in just twice a week I'm happy.

One major issue I have that prevents me from working out everyday is washing my hair. I have naturally dry curly hair and I can't wash it everyday. I also hate working up a sweat and not being able to wash my hair, so I try to focus on getting in a comprehensive workout 3 times a week and just staying generally active throughout my day over working out on consecutive days. Today however I tolerated not washing my hair when I got back from training because I told myself I'm going to go for a jog first thing in the morning. My hair is still damp with sweat, ewwwwww

In different news, today at the gym while waiting for my trainer the absolute hottest guy approached me. He said "salaam alaikum" (the Muslim greeting) and asked me if I spoke any Arabic, if I was a student and in what college, how I like it here, bla bla bla. Not only did he have the nicest eyes and smile but really nice biceps too. He told me he was Syrian. The arrival of my trainer cut the conversation short and I could swear I saw a hint of disappointment across his face. He seemed too old to be a student, even a grad student, and if he was a trainer I think I would have seen him before. When he turned around after saying bye I was disappointed to see a huge tattoo across his bicep :(


Cammy said...

Yep, everything I've read emphasizes cardio, cardio, cardio for the midriff loss. I like the mix of cardio and strength training, since I consider them both important.

(Yaaay for hot boys, even the ones with tattoos!)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on getting the exercise in! Find a really good moisturizing conditioner, I had to go through a few to find one that worked for me. A cutie is a cutie & a tattoo can be covered!

amma15 said...

cammy, yup and my trainer agrees with you! When it comes to my strength training that's what my personal trainer is for. Thank god for her cause I don't know I'd take the initiative to do all that on my own.

Dadiva, welcome to my blog! So what's the good conditioner you use? I have this issues with conditioners. I went through this phase where my hair was shedding like crazy and my hair dresser said it's because I'm using too strong conditioners that are weight my hair down. My roomie said the exact same thing about the tattoo!

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