Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My lowest weight in years

I weighed in at 143 today! that's 2 pounds less than the last time I weighed myself and the lowest weight I've been in years. It's pretty exciting!

Although I still have a bad starbucks drink almost on a daily basis (yesterday I had TWO, a mint hot chocolate and a pumpkin spice latte) I attribute this to the fact to two recent trends. 1) I'm pretty physically active nowadays. I walk a lot and I walk fast. I almost never take elevators even if I'm carrying a lot of stuff. I've been working out 2-4 times week but even if I dn't get that in it's ok because I feel like I'm always running around.

TWO...I've been eating LESS. Although this isn't the greatest thing with the amount of stress and the work I have to do there have been a few days where I forget to eat (today was one of those days, I had an anatomy lab practical and was on panic mode for mostof the day before the exam so I totally forgot to eat). The weird thing is in the past that would never happen to me, being stressed out means I EAT! Also I realized that being full isn't conducive to studying and the possibility that I may fail out of optometry school is good enough motivation to not eat a lot these days.


Diana said...

Good for you for the loss. I can't study on an empty stomach. True, though, that I can't study well on a full stomach either.

How did you get to a not eating under stress person? I'm so opposite.

Diana said...

Just make sure you're getting enough, ok? :)

Cammy said...

Wow, you DO have a lot going on! Think nutrition, not volume, and you'll be fine. Smoothies are good for me, when I'm on the go a lot.

Congrats on an amazing new milestone!!!

amma15 said...

Diana, about the studying Exactly! I think it's because I get sooooo stressed out and sooo nervous sometimes with exams that I have no appetite. It's that nervousness.

Cammy, "Think nutrition, not volume," Well said!