Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Weaknesses

The Starbucks pumpkin spice latte
The Starbucks line of hot chocolate. Yesterday I had a mint hot chocolate but I've also been known to get the new salted caramel hot chocolate.

Both vivanno drinks. The banana chocolate and the mango peach banana, but usually I go for the banana chocolate with a shot of espresso. What's bad about these is they only sell them in size grande. I got the mango peach banana today and asked for an extra cup so that I could pour out half of it to give to my friend.


Diana said...

Moderation is what saves us a lot of times.

It's good that you don't deny yourself too much, but that you have a little moderation. I can't do the moderation thing yet.

amma15 said...

diana, it was a struggle to be able to attain this sense of balance. My nature is that I'm a person of's either one extreme or the other.

Cammy said...

Okay, your pictures are making me drool. :) I need to try this Vivanno thing. It looks scrumptious!

amma15 said...

cammy, both vivannos are really good! be careful though they're pretty high in sugar.

Fat Bridesmaid said...

I keep meaning to try the salty caramel hot chocolate because it sounds absolutely divine. But I'm a big fan of the peppermint hot chocolate too. It always manages to wake me up in the morning!

amma15 said...

fat bridesmaide, the salty caramel is pretty good, it's has a very nutty taste..but I prefer the mint hot chocolate

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