Friday, October 10, 2008

Take Advantage of Resources

If you are affiliated with a university or a large company/corporation...nowadays chances are that you're provided with exclusive health resources to assist in promoting healthy lifestyles. The funny thing is most people don't even know about these, some people don't really care. It's unfortunate that these resources aren't better advertised, but I think they do that on purpose they wouldn't want everyone taking advantage.

For example, my university offers affilliates personal training packages at deeply discounted rates. I just signed up for 8 1-hour personal training sessions plus an assessment and I paid exactly $108. The tradeoff is that they're done in little groups of 2-4 so that the trainer is still making money and it's also good worth of mouth promotion for the trainer until they get their "business" rolling...but for me that comes out to be $13.50 per session. Compare that to the $60 + per hour rate my gym at home charges.

This is a renewal package for me and although I haven't lost a significant amount of weight since school started these weekly intense sessions are really the reason why I've been able to at least not gain any weight during a crazy semester. The hard work, the team support, the pep talks....all of that keeps me in check for not too great of a sacrifice on my part.


Diana said...

Great that your school offers that! I hear you on the busy schedule at school. It's great that you have an outlet.

amma15 said...

diana yea definitely...and this blog also serves as an outlet!