Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'll do anything for my treats!

Hey Folks!

I realized yesterday that some of my newly acquired habits aren't the healthiest. I'll do anything for my deserts (sweet and salty), even if it means not eating other stuff to make room for it. Yesterday I had a mere 220 calorie dinner so that I can have 3 nestle toll house break and bake cookies (dude these are to die for).

Also because I plan on snacking on a handful of tostitos and dip (I'm craving these so bad) lunch will probably be an apple.

Today I'm wearing pants for the first time that I bought about a month ago but couldn't fit in. I got them from Victoria's Secret in a size 8, I couldn't find the exact pair on their website but they look very similar to the one in the picture-they just don't thave those cargo side pockets. It's surreal to think that a year and a half ago I was a 16, which is really not a good place to be if your 5"1.


Diana said...

It's so tempting to do...because you see the results, so how can it be bad?

At least have some (deeper colored) green lettuce with the apple or maybe even a chicken breast (not much at all fat, calories or anything wise).

Cammy said...

Uh-oh. I'm experiencing pants envy. Those are so cute!

I have a tendency to jettison the good food for the junky stuff, which for me is okay every once in a great while, but it's also what got me into such bad shape. Now I exercise for cake. :)

amma15 said...

diana, "because you see the results", so how can it be bad?
exactly. However since that lowest number I feel the weight crawling back up giving me a reality check

cammy, they are super cute! The ones I got are actually cuter than the ones in the pic. I don't kow why they don't have them on their site. I exercise for starbucks mint hot choclate and big juicy cheeseburgers!