Sunday, October 19, 2008

Checkout my new profile

I just realized that I never actually had a blogger profile set up for this account. I have just spent my studying break updating it so check it out and see all the cool stuff we have in common!

BTW this past couple of days I've been eating really well (with the exception of the starbucks drinks, I just can't get around that at the moment) but I'll be honest I'm always hungry and I feel miserable and angry at the world. I just kinda want some fries and big mac.


Diana said...

If you vamp up the protein and complex carbs (nuts and oatmeal bars) it may work to help. You shouldn't be eating bad food, but it doesn't mean you should be hungry and miserable!

I hope you find stuff that works.

amma15 said...

diana, it's weird I keep fluctuating btwn craving bad foods and having no appetite