Thursday, December 6, 2007

What I'll be doing different this week Part2

Fourth, for the next 7 days I should really eliminate one thing problematic out of my diet. I realize that such restriction can be sabotoging and counterprodutive but it's only 7 days; I think the discipline will be good for my morale. I've been thinking about what it should be for the last 5 minutes and I realize it needs to be something effective yet realistic.

The candidates are:

sugar this one might be too difficult especially because lots of my 'healthy snacks' contain some sugar and also I would have to decide whether to include fruit or not

fried food not a bad idea except for the fact that fries are my absolute weakness and I take comfort in the fact that I can have a couple of fries here and there which satisfy me just fine. The same goes for lo mein noodles (yes, they are fried), onion rings, and mini samosas.

butter I'm not sure how effective this one would be considering I don't really consume that much butter anyway. I guess I was just thinking about that delicious buttery omelet I had in the hospital when I put this one down.

white carbs I think this one might be too difficult since I am living with the family and pretty much everything my mom cooks/picks up contains some rice or dough. I eat these things in small portions, but if I was going to completely eliminate the white carbs I'd have to do more of my own cooking/food prep.

high sodium foods not a bad idea and it would help with the feeling of being bloated and water weight, but I'm not sure how effective it would be in terms of fat loss.

carbonated drinks again, not sure about the effectiveness considering I'm doing a good job of staying away from the carbonated drinks as is (I don't drink sugary sodas AT ALL). I only drink the diet sodas when I'm eating out or at a friend's place so it wouldn't be too muh effort on my part to cuth it out for 7 days. I think I need something more challenging.

And the winner is.......... FRIED FOOD!

I'll be having not one bite of fried food until my weigh in next wednesday, I'll let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Good choice. Cutting out fried foods for one week should make a big difference.

amma15 said...

W, I really really hope so, thanks!