Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting rid of water weight

Yesterday I woke up uncomfortably bloated and couldn't stop poking at my tummy in the hopes that it might deflate. I tend to retain water weight easily although I take water pills regularly. I'm determined to have a good weigh-in this wednesday despite my hospital setback so I laid off on the carbs for the day and tried to cut come back on the sodium.

When I got back from the gym around 9PM I still felt like the good year blimp so I googled "getting rid of water weight". I knew there was some kind of quick short-term solution that had to do with eating something or some kind of exercise and I was determined to find it. I browsed the links and to my pleasant surprise I found that cucumbers is a natural remedy, I eat lots of cucumbers and after reading that I went to the kitchen and sliced up another cucumber to consume.

Then I found this article titled how to lose 1 to 5 pounds in 30 minutes. The intructions simply stated to weigh yourself, take a water pill, then sit in an "extremely hot bath" for 30 minutes where you're expected to sweat out water weight as it seeps out of your tissues. After that you dry off and immediately weigh yourself to note the amount of lost water weight.

I grabbed a book and a fizz ball and I believe I followed those directions quite well. The only problem was that I don't have a good tolerance for high temperatures, I don't do well with saunas and hot tubs, so I had to gradually increase the water temperature; however, I do sweat easily so I didn't think that was a big deal and sure enough I was sweating like crazy.

When I dried myself off I got back on the scale and the result was ZERO DIFFERENCE (it's precise to the half pound). The scale was in the exact same position and I got on and off a few times but the numbers didn't budge. I guess my "sweating like crazy" just wasn't enough.


Sam said...

to get rid of water u have to drink lots of water..but there is no immediate solution...but at least you know it is water weight...so it is nothing to worry about:) i have not been drinking much since coming to jordan and i am feeling it big time:( im always bloated ..

Anonymous said...

Dear amma ,
It sucks when you feel bloated, I know. But why would you want to lose water weight quickly for a weigh in?
And be careful with water pills. I think they are harmful unless prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition.

amma15 said...

Sam, yea I feel wayyy better this morning. NO longer bloated!

W, I never heard of water pills being harmful, they're easily obtained OTC alot of my friends take them regularly around the time of their period. I see a nutriotionist and a counselor every week and a doctor every month.