Thursday, December 6, 2007

What I'll be doing different this week

Ok so I still don't think my 3lb gain for the week makes any sense but the fact is I DID GAIN 3 POUNDS! It wasn't half a pound, or a pound, but an entire 3 pounds and it wasn't water weight either.

If I think back it's easy to see that I was far from perfect; I had lots of late dinners and most of my meals actually consisted of "bad food" despite the fact that my portions were small. So I learned tthat the portion control only goes so far and it's important to balance out what I'm eating.

I'm determined to make this a successful week ( I said the same thing last week), so I have to do things differently and it helps that I'm thinking in terms of one week at a time. First of all, there's a correlation between stress and the way I eat so I need to work on keeping my stress level low which means I should make an extra effort to be on time to my appointments and meetings so that things don't keep getting canceled/rescheduled (my first personal training appointment has already been rescheduled twice), I need to stop putting off my necessary errands for the last minute, and I should really pace myself when doing work (my research) and not wait until 10 PM to start working on edits that my advisor wants to see in the morning. I should also do a better job of getting back to people in a timely fashion, returning phone calls, replying to emails, etc. Putting off all of those things adds to stress.

Second of all, I need to cut out the late dinners. My goal is to not eat after 8PM. If I get antsy there's water, sugar free juices, coffee, and a fiber pill. It's going to be challening to do this but it won't kill me!

Third of all, I need to make some clear-cut rules for me this 7 days regarding food so that I can get back on track and then I can go back to "listening to my body" and being intuitive (which is a great thing), but right now I need this kind of discipline:
a) I will eat at least 4 servings of fruits and veggies a day. I've already got one down so far.
b) I will eat no more than 2 servings of carbs (with the exception of friut) a day. I've already had one.
c) I will drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water a day. I've already had 2.
d) I will have at least 2 snacks day which will be the following items in rotation: fruit that's already in my fridge, string cheese, turkey slices, kashi bar, kashi crackers, almonds, activia yogurt, protein shake. I've already had one.

There's wisdom in part D, it's a list of everything I already have so that way I don't have to keep throwing away food for going stale or bad (contributes to stress) and also I won't spend so much money on food on the go (contributes to stress).

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