Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My 3lb Gain Makes No Sense!

I got weighed in at the clinic today and to my complete surprise the scale went up an entire 3 pounds!!!

When on any weight loss plan it's natural to have setback and plateaus but usually you know it's coming, this was totally unexpected. I felt great and I was confident I was going to have a loss this week. My activity level was high, yesterday at the gym alone I did about an hour and 15 minutes of cardio. Although my last post was about some bad food I ate in the hospital I still felt it was going to be a good week because I ate in moderation and generally speaking I didn't eat very much food. In all honesty, I felt like I ate more "bad food" thanksgiving week and I lost 4.75 lbs that week. It's just not making sense.

Afterwards I made the counselor weigh me on the body composition machine thinking this is probably muscle mass. Also, I'll be getting a period within the week but still I no longer feel bloated. According to the machine I had actually lost 1.5lbs of muscle since 2 weeks ago (too much cardio and no strength training can do that), I had 1.5 lbs of LESS water weight, and the fat composition actually stayed the same from 2 weeks ago (that was the last time I stepped on the body composition machine).

If I want to be optimistic the fact is I do have a net loss of 1.75 lbs the last 2 weeks but I can't help it, I am really disappointed. I have my first session with a personal trainer in an hour, I'll post later today on what I think I did wrong and what I'll do differently this week. First, I must clear my head from all this pessimism.


Sonya said...

oh man, that would be disappointing for sure.

Could it be that you didn't eat enough? Sometimes the body goes into starvation mode (holding onto the fat) if we aren't feeding it enough. Were those foods high in sodium???? It could still be your period too. Hum....

Sometimes this journey is just too complicated. When I think I've done well, I don't see it at the scale and other times I'm surprised when I think I've gained. It's all just plain weird.

I'm trying to focus on the non-scale victories a lot more than the scale (NSV) right now. You had a HUGE NSV when you did cardio for over an hour. Good for you! Keep thinking of those things and keep going and who knows, that weight might just fly off next week!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Oh Bummer! Maybe your efforts will just take a little longer to show. Hope next week the scale is better for you.

Mama Bear June said...

Hang in there. You're making healthy choices and the results will even out soon.
Path to Health

amma15 said...

sonya, well although my portions and amounts were small I was eating throughout the day little bites here and there, I just wasn't having actual meals but I doubt it was the starvation mode thing. You're right I definitely had some good non-scale victories!

shannon, hopefully!

mamma bear, thanks!