Monday, December 10, 2007

I feel good!

This is a random post about nothing in particular except to say that I'm feeling good! My weigh-in is wednesday at 11 AM and although I know it's not great to obsess about the numbers it's still a "rough" way to assess my progress. Last month I had a net loss of zero on the scale so no matter how you feel about "the numbers" that just can't be a good thing. Water and muscle weight can't account for weekly discrepancies but not an entire month! That means I have to step it up.

Actually the month before I belive I even put on 2 pounds. Thus it's safe to say I'm going through my plateau stage. December is going to be different, I'll make sure of that because it IS in my control!

I've been doing great with the gym, I've gone 3 out of the 5 days thus far (since my last weigh-in) and the two days I missed were planned missed days so that I can allocate more time to work on my research edits (due tomorrow). I've been eating alot better, yesterday I bought this amazing turkey-apple-brie wrap from the fresh market and ate half of it for lunch-I ate the other half this morning for breakfast. I'm trying to get as many raw fruits and veggies in my day as possible. I've eaten quite a few tomatos, cucumbers, and apples and you know what, I actually like them! Especially fat dark green cucumbers when they're really crunchy. Keep in mind this is coming from a fast food junkie.

I admit it hasn't been a perfect week, but honestly what week has been perfect? It's all part of the challenge, the little mistakes here and there just give you more room for improvement and kinda keeps things fun anyway. I've been taking littles bites here and there well after 8 PM. I've also been getting more servings of carbs than I would like to. That just gives me something else to improve next week!


Stephanie said...

Hi - it's "breckgirl" from Stark Raving Flab but I think I come up as Stephanie when I am logged in and commenting. Hmm. Anyway - enough of the technical crap.

I am still thinking about the turkey apple brie thing. That sounds really good. I keep my calories pretty low while I am being serious about dieting and it works for me but man, I do miss a lot of stuff. Like brie!

Congrats on your successes at the gym - but you should step it up, as you said. Increasing your cardio will do wonders. I've been doing a Hip Hop Abs DVD along with 20 minutes on the Nordic Track (an old school but kick ass alternative to the stair master or elliptical) and it makes a difference in the rate of loss.

Also, I know its hard not to focus so much on the scale but there are other ways to measure your success. One of my favorites is what I call the "fashion show," which I think I referenced in my entry called "shedding" that you read. Trying on clothes and seeing the difference over the weeks really motivates me. Also, note the improvment in your aerobic capacity - notice how little time it takes for you to recover from intense exercise in comparison to how long it used to take you. You'll be amazed. Weight Watcher people call these things NSV's - Non-Scale Victories. They are important and help a lot when the scale is discouraging. Keep going - you're right, it is always a challenge. If it were easy, everyone would be thin and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Aim for progress not perfection :)
You are doing great.

amma15 said...

stephanie, well you can still have a little bit of brie! I have been stepping up the workouts, I've been rotating the different types of cardios and starting tomorrow I'll be meeting with a personal trainer and incorporate strength training. "fashion show" sounds like a good idea, to tell you the truth I actually judge my progress based on how clothes are fitting more than anything else, it's just more precise with the scale

W, good motto!