Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maintained my weight!

So I got weigh-in today although it hasn't yet been a week (5 days) and was happy to see that I maintained my weight. Actually I had dropped half a pound because last time I was actually 162.5 and not really 162, so I'll fix that now. This is great news for me considering that since then I've only gone to the gym one time (I'll be on my way there in a little bit I promise) and I've gone out to eat at least 3 times + went to a wedding and henna party. I tell you people it's all in the portion-control!

Thank you all for the comments and the support I greatly appreciate them, I'm going to try to update more often.


Nalana said...

Congratulations on the over all weight-loss. Good job. Thanks for the tips with the meals, the problem is I have a husband and two kids and they get bored way before me so I always have to get creative with the meal, they get tired of the easy convenient stuff, especially my husband.
I will sneak some stuff in but who knows. Thanks, continued success and good luck.

TinyTrim said...

Hey, good on you for maintaining! Especially after a wedding. The Henna party sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

No gain is okay, regarding the week you had.
And yes, portion control is everything.

Mama Bear June said...

WOW! That's amazing. Congrats on a fabulous job.
Path to Health

Aleena said...

I came across your blog via "we're losing it". Congrats on such an amazing's not easy losing weight..I have been trying for the longest to lose weight...since heart disease is herditary in my family..I am trying my best to lose about 30 pounds.

Your blog is an inspiration...I read the post regarding the pills that were prescribed to you..I am going to check them out and Insh'Allah I will be able to loset the weight.

Thanks for being a motivation for me.

breckgirl said...

Great job and you're right - it is about portion control, as well as exercise and just making good choices overall. A few poor choices won't ruin it all as long as you are working in good ones, too. Keep it up.

amma15 said...

nalana, I guess it's different when you're responsible for feeding the family. Thanks!

tinytrim, thank you, and it was fun!

W, yes I'm happy with the maintenance!

mama bear, thank you so much :)

aleena, I'm really happy to hear that you found some inspiration out of my blog and my story! Speaking of heart disease, I actually have a heart disorder that I was born with which is another reason why it's imperative I'm healthy. You can definitely do the 30 lbs!

shane said...

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