Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting into the "mediums" and PMS

Yesterday I went shopping to search for desperately need good bras. I had little luck with that but I came across this Michael Kors top that was on clearance for $22!!!!

It looked "ok" but it was a Michael Kors (and like 80% off) so I picked up my usual large. I saw that they only had medium and small in the colors I wanted to so I decided to just try the medium and to my pleasant surprise it fit perfectly. Not only that, but the shirt was extremely flattering! It's also really practical because most of the tops that I have are fitted and I'm realizing that it's looser tops that aren't clinging on my waist line like this one actually make me feel thinner!

In other news, it seems like it's absolutely inevitable that I bloat in a balloon-like fashion starting days (maybe even a week) before my period. It's like I just can't effectiviely do anything about it. I know that it's coming so I've been taking water pills, eating veggies, and drinking lots of water. Yesterday for example I ate 2 whole cucumbers and a salad. I wasn't even thinking in terms of the weight loss or eating healthy, my main motivation was to attempt to prevent this horrible blimp-like feeling (and looking).
Nevertheless this morning I woke up bloated and by midday I had developed this perfectly spherical swollen belly. It feels HORRIBLE. I tend do slouch alot to try to mask my huge belly, sitting up straight is simply uncomfortable in this sate. I also have way less motivation to do anything, simple movement is uncomfortable and reminds me of how crappy I feel. The worst thing is I usually stay like this until halfway into my period so a week is typical.
If anyone has been able to effectively lessen the severity of the PMS bloating effect that is something other than eating lots of cucumber and salad, easing up on the carbs, drinking lots of water, and taking water pills please do share with me. I'm desperate here!


Organic-Muslimah said...

Every shirt I bought this weekend was a baby doll style shirt. They are just great in hiding a belly, but make you look pregnant!

I have no solution for the PMS issue. I am feel just the same, only lethargic.

Lena said...

I love the shirt, I am sure it will look great on you. Insh'Allah I will be starting this diet from next week...this week I am painting and redecorating so I will be extra occupied with that..hopefully we can lose the weight together :)

I found some things online regarding the bloating, I hope it helps in some way.

Decreasing salt in the diet will help to offset bloating and fluid retention. We are often recommended to eat no more than 6g of salt a day instead of our usual 9-12g. This is difficult if a lot of processed food is consumed. Cutting down on salt will also help to reduce the incidence of high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease and strokes, the risk of which increases after the menopause.

Foods that may help to relieve the symptoms of PMS include
Fruits and vegetables
Cereal foods (preferably wholegrain)

Excess refined sugar consumption may increase insulin production which may aggravate bloating. It also can lead to a lowering of blood Chromium levels and cause increased urinary excretion of magnesium. Processed food which contain starches and sugars that are quickly broken down by the body have a high GI (The Glycemic Index (GI) is simply a ranking of foods, based on their immediate effect on blood glucose levels. It is a physiological measure of how fast, and to what extent, a carbohydrate food affects blood glucose levels.), i.e. they are converted into glucose rapidly and can cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels which can make PMS worse. Middle age can sometimes bring with it insulin resistance and frank diabetes, so it makes sense to avoid too much refined sugar.

Aleena said...

BTW, its me Aleena lol just used my nick.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shirt. Mabrook!

TinyTrim said...

What a gorgeous top! And congrats on the NSV for fitting into the medium! I always love it when that happens!

No advice unfortunately from me on the whole bloating and PMS thing. Just sympathy and commiseration. I'm working my way through my TOM right now and it seems every single drop of water that I put into me, goes straight to my stomach. Blah!

Sonya said...

Congrats on getting into the mediums! What a great buy too!

Stephanie said...

Cute top and congrats on the size - isn't that a sweet feeling?

I don't have any tips on dropping water (I just drink as much water as possible, like you're already doing) but I have a fab tip for the BEST. BRAS. EVER.

They ain't cheap, but they are fantastic. Le Mystere is the brand - Dream Tisha is the style I love. I don't know how ample you are, dear, but for the big breasted, these bras are amazing and make the girls LOOK amazing, too. The bras are about $60 each (I just took a gander at and they are $68 there!!) but you know - I think they are totally worth the money. If you are near a Nordstrom, go, get fitted and buy the bras. You won't regret it, girl. Good luck with the bloat.

amma15 said...

OM, yea they usually make you look pregnant-but this one was just flattering. I think it's because of hte way it's cute, it doesn't flare out into an A shape it kind of comes back in.

lena, yea I know about the salt thing and if i eat alot of raw veggies I'm not getting too much sodium but still! and I usually try to stay away from carbs during htat time. Thanks for the info and good luck with your diet!

W, allah ybarik feeki!

Tinytrim, hahaha sympathy and commiseration is welcomed here! Thanks!

Sonya, thanks I know!

Stephanie, OH MY GOD thanks so much for the tip! I still haven't found the perfect bra, but I'll loook into this le mystere, I don't even care if it's expensive I'm really frustrated at this point. With my whole weight loss my breasts have sagged a bit and I'm needing some extra lift. I did an online search about the best bras for big boobs and apparently fayeform has got some high rankings, but they don't sell it at dillards so I ended up getting this cabernet bra which is ok but better than what I have now.

I'm a 38DD-DDD. I don' thave a nordstram where I live. I have a dillard's and macy's-there's also a saks but I never thought about bra shopping there.

Anonymous said...

I had terrible bloating in the weeks leading up to my period, on the recommendation of a naturopath I tried a supplement of Acidophilous and Cranberry extract. You take it twice a day with meals, and I am amazed how in my second month of taking it the bloating is a million times better. I can't remember the brand, but any health food store should have an equivalent.