Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm officially a new size!

In other news, I have not updated my weigh-ins. I've actually been out of town on the last 2 scheduled weigh ins and yesterday when I drove to the clinic to get weighed and whatever else I do there the street was closed due to a fire so I made a U-turn and met a friend for a pizza lunch . I had 2 small slices (very small actually) and a couple of fried calamari rings (like 4 pieces)-I wasn't that hungry since I had celery sticks earlier that day. Anyway, the official weigh-in will have to wait till next wednesday unless I decide to stop by there tomorrow but that'll mess up my weigh-in shedule.

Although it was the holidays and I had my share of deserts and pastas-I'm confident the number has gone down since my last weigh in of 166. I have been conscious of my portion sizes and I've made sure to find a way to workout at least twice a week which was a hard thing to do when you're traveling with family to different destinations.

The other reason why I know it's gone down is because I went shopping on New Year's Eve and found that I can now comfortably fit in a size 10! It was expected actually because while on vacation I couldn't help but notice by size 12 jeans and dress pants were starting to droop from the back and were a little, just a little, baggy on the thighs. Actually I did buy this one pair of size 10 low-rise pants from The Limited that I can't get get to button or zip so maybe I'm not so much of a 10 yet.....


Anonymous said...

Mabrook !

Organic-Muslimah said...

Sizes are different everywhere! When you have that feeling that you lost, then you most likely did!

The sizes at the Limited are smaller than normal, so I am sure you are a true 10 with a little more work ahead of you!


(I had a similar experience at the GAP!)

asoom said...
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kickboxingmomma said...


As far as lowfat dairy...I usually eat plain fat free yogurt, lowfat cheese, skim milk...3-4 servings per day (Servings being: 1 oz. cheese--1 inch squared, 1 cup plain yogurt...which I mix with frozen or fresh unsweetened fruits, 1 cup skim milk).

The study was done on someone in Denmark (I think) and they measured how much fat he released in his...waste...if you know what I mean. On a diet high in lowfat dairy & calcium he expelled 100% more fat than on a regular diet (which was low in lowfat dairy).

Have a great day!!!

Tigerlilly said...

Hi! Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog! Its great to know that I am not the only crazy exorcize-a-holic lady out there!! lol

I look forward to getting to know you better! Have a fantastic weekend.

Oh.. and I am reading The Queens Own by Mercedes Lackey (its three books in one).. I actually finished it and it is now one of the top books on my 'Must Read' list!!

amma15 said...

W, shukran!

OM, that's so true. Actually the baggy 12s were from The limited and the comfortable 10s were also from The's just this one weird pair and Ithink it's because it's low-rise. I did get it to button and zip but it's far from comfortable. So I do think I'm a true 10!

heather, that's interesting to know. Doesn't dairy increase the mucous in your body and thus tends to put on lbs and retain water?

tigerlilly, welcome to my blog-I've never heard of that book...

kickboxingmomma said...

If it causes you to retain water, then that's beyond me!!! I am looking thinner every day...and I am eating the is supposed to keep the fat from going into your cells by expelling it into your waste.

I am also a nursing mom, so I need to keep up on my dairy consumption...not noticing a lot of mucous...but I also eat a lot of bran and flax.

I usually retain water around that time of the month and when I have consumed too much sodium.

I have also been told that anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and Acetomeniphen can make you retain water, but I haven't experienced that either.

My weight loss has been extremely slow, but I am getting my shape back after 3 months of good it is just fat around my lower midsection that I am trying to get rid of. The fat around my ribcage is gone....

I know when I don't eat the dairy, I don't get rid of the fat as fast.


TinyTrim said...

Congrats on the new size! That's awesome! I love fitting in smaller clothes :)

amma15 said...

tinytrim, it's really great!