Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ramadan and Weight Loss

Hello everyone! To update you I'll be fasting for 30 days in observation of the holy month of Ramadan which started 10 days ago. The fast is from sunset (around 6) to sundown (around 7) during which I abstain from eating or drinking.

It might sound like one would actually lose weight during that time period but it's the opposite actually, I've gained weight every ramadan, between 5 and 10 lbs, and I'm trying to prioritize atleast NOT gaining this ramadan and I'm not expecting a big weight loss like the last two months. The reason for the weight gain is you're starving when it's time to eat and you end up just over stuffing yourself with all kinds of desired foods, and then you keep eating until it's not time to eat anymore. Of course this completely contradicts the principles behind ramadan and fasting where you're supposed to be exhibiting self-discipline, but I just get weak sometimes, LOL. Another reason for the weight gain is that I'm usually more sedentary during ramadan, I cut out lots of activities, I definately don't work out, and since I'm not working or in school right now I actually end up spending a good bit of the day either sleeping or sitting.

I skipped this week's evaluation so I don't know what the first week of ramadan did to my body in terms of weight loss. To be honest I think I'm doing good in terms of eating when compared with other ramadans. I'm eating small break-fasts (it's what we call dinner in ramadan because we're literally breaking our fast), and I don't eat all throughout. After dinner at somepoint I'll eat again (small dessert or something) and before sunset I'll eat again (some leftovers), I attribute the smaller portions to the suppressants of course; however, most of the food I'm eating is bad food-it's food that I was dreaming about while fasting LOL. I've been eating a good bit of fried food, lots of carbs, and lots of desserts! I try to make sure there's always salad on the dinner table, but even with the salad sometimes I fry pita bread pieces to add because it makes it taste so much better and I keep telling myself it's ok becase I was fasting.

To be honest with you I may have put on some weight, but then again I always feel like I gained weight and every week I lose pounds.


eshda3wa said...

this year i tried my best not to let myself go
i also refused to go near a scale
so i can only home come the first day o 3eed
my tight pants will actually close !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not posting since over a month. Wonder where ur weightloss is going.

Stargazer0786 said...

GIRL! It's time for an update! :) How's it going?

Anonymous said...

u didnt tell us what happened in ramadan .. keep up updated ..
i gained 3 more kilos oin ramadan hope u didnt do the same

amma15 said...

eshda3wa, check my blog out more often maybe it'll motivate you!

anon, now you know, thanks for checking!

stargazer, just updated!

anon, I just updated, basicaly I had a net loss of 2 lbs in ramadan, so the bad news was it's only 2 lbs but the great news is this is the first ramadan I didn't gain weight in!