Sunday, November 11, 2007


No, I have not quit!

Yes, I did have some setbacks!

Let's get down to business with regards to my weight loss, since the beginning of ramadan (roughly 2 months ago) I've gone up and done. I gained a couple of pounds during ramadan but lost them all and some and by the end of ramadan (30 days) I had a net loss of 2 pounds. Ramadan ended about a month ago but as my responsibilities increased life got more hectic and I made the mistake of not prioritizing my weight loss. I started skipping the weekly appointments that I'm supposed to go to see a nutritionist and counselor and get my evaluations and I also started taking up eating lots of fast food and to-go. What saved me more than anything is the fact that I was still taking the suppressant although I did skip more days than I should have (went on vacation for a few days and left them behind), thus my portions were still modest but I ate high calorie food and even late into the night as I stayed up late finishing up some reading and writing.

The last evaluation I went to was yesterday and I have actually put back on a pound since my previous evaluation which was a month before; however, I was on my menstrual cycle. Me and the nutritionist/counselor spoke for some time in her effort to remind me why I'm doing this and motivate me again. We both agreed that one of my biggest downfalls is the fact that I'm surrounded with bad food and don't have good food at hand when I'm in a hurry thus I really need to make a list of convenient healthy food, meaning snacks, shakes, string cheeses, kashi bars, lean deli meats and cheeses, and fruits. It's just not realistic to think I'm going to cook or spend lots of time preparing food on a regular basis, that's something I might do once or twice a week. I actually have yet to do the shopping, hopefully tomorrow sometime after the saints game.

So I currently weigh in at 166 lbs, exactly where I left you guys!

In better news, I have signed up for a prepaid (to make sure I go) 6 month gym membership around 2 weeks ago and have been consistently going every other day. So far I've only been doing cardio and abs, I'm goaling to start strength training this week! Keep checking back I'll be updating you guys more regularly and with better news!

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