Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pumpkin Lattes

The pumpkin spice latte from starbucks is my new weakness. I believe I must have had 5 tall sizes in the last week. I didn't look up the calorie and sugar content, nor do I want to at the moment, but I really need to limit this indulgence; however, I do feel like I had a good week generally speaking-I've been going to the gym every other day and I've been eating home cooked food as opposed to eating out more. Today I had grape leaves, grilled shrimp, and broccoli sauteed in olive oil for dinner-all small portions. My next weigh-in and assessment is friday!


Sonya said...

YUMMMM....that latte looks so good. I'm not going to even try it though. I know I would enjoy it just a little too much and be in the situation you see yourself in...it's so easy to do!

Congrats on no food on the go lately. I am a recovering fast-food junky so I understand how huge that non-scale victory is! Yay you!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I started WW in mid-may so I've lost the 25lbs since. Slow and steady wins the race as they say (although I wish I could win with a faster time sometimes!).

Congrats on your 25lbs gone as well! I see you pretty much have the same amount of weight left to lose as I do. Perhaps we can cheer each other on to the end? It would be great to reach goal together!

breckgirl said...

Saw your post on Amazing Shrinking Mom - isn't Mel awesome? Sounds like you are doing well, despite the lattes which I agree, are absolutely fabulous and horrible for any of us who are trying to lose weight. I just make a point to avoid Starbucks right now! Best of luck to you - I will check back often for updates on your progress - don't you find blogging to be helpful in the weight loss process? I really have - it is great to have a diary to reflect on your thoughts and actions. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I once ate a kitkat caramel bar almost daily! Now I leave indulgences for very special occasions.

amma15 said...

Sonya, welcome to my blog! that latte is more than good honey. I'm actually stil a fast-food junkie. Just 3 days ago I had cheeseburger meal deal thing at whataburger, but I only ate half of it which is great for me. 25lbs is great! I used to be on WW, I only lasted 3 weeks, bu tmy cousin was successful on it. We should definately cheer each other on! Make sure to stop by here and check on my progress and then yell at me when I'm bad LOL, I'll make sure to stop by your blog.

amma15 said...

breckgirl, yes mel is awesome and welcome to my blog! To me anyone that can lose in the double digits is awesome! I do find that blogging helps and I get really excited when I hear from people, keeps me motivated. I'll add your blog to my blogroll and I'll check it out soon!

W, now did you do the kitkat deal while losing weight? Cause I definately eat junkfood on a daily basis and am still able to lose weight becaues it's moderate.