Monday, November 12, 2007

Late Night Mac & Cheese

I made the mistake of not having balanced meals and snacks today. By the end of the day I only had eaten one time at around noon and thus I was startving around 10 PM. I didn't take my suppressant in the morning and I'm not sure if it was that or the fact that I skipped eating for so lon that left me ravenous for mac and cheese, so I made some and I used whole milk and butter. I ended up having around 2 servings of it before I couldn't take it anymore. It really wasn't alot of food but I'm sure it'll be more than enough to have me feeling like shit in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Try to plan your meals well ahead of time. I plan meals for the entire week on weekends.
Anyway,don't let today throw you off balance. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and you can make better choices.

amma15 said...

W, I used to to do that at the beginning but now I feel like it's just one more thing on my really lon glist of things to do plus I never actually stick to it. You're right though I shouldn't let one day throw me off balance!