Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't Be A Britney Spears

With the exception of the Saints major loss to the Colts last Thursday, things have been going good!

The day before yesterday is when I started eating better. I woke up that day feeling really gross, I just felt so bloated and so heavy as a result of junk food and late dinners and I decided I don't want to feel good and thus must put good stuff in my body. When I got hungry I ate a samosa which actualy isn't good because it is fried, but I had only one with my pills. I waited until I was actually hungry before I ate again which was seriously like hours after! I guess that happens as my body's defense mechanism when you feel bloated and full an heavy from days of eating bad food. This is actually my personal logic and not something that I know to be scientifically true LOL. Anyway, when I got hungry I ate a peach and that's all I ate the whole day and I wasn't starving myself or depriving myself, I was actually just listening to my body (some intuitive eating for you there)!

I can't be like Britney Spears, no more excuses, no more blaming external factors for my failures, and no more skipping or rescheduling weekly evaluations instead it's time to TAKE CONTROL! I'm actually looking forward to this wednesday's evaluation although I'm not anticipating a'll be good for me to face the music!

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