Thursday, September 6, 2007

Answer to Farah's question: what exactly am I taking?

farah said...
heycan you tell me the names of the supplements and appetite suppresants you take?i work out every day but i struggle with food. it's also not in my financial possibility to see a nutritionist right now.thank you

amma15 answers

The first appetite suppressant that I took was tenuate which i had for month. The second month they switched me to bontril. Both of those are prescriptions so you must see a doctor to get them, do you have insurance? the medicine itself isn only 40 dollars for a 1 month supply.

As for the supplements, different makers use different names for them but I'm taking:
a)'body boost' which is an enegry pill (stearic acid, cellulose)
b)'B-factor'; a water pill
c) 'sweet ender' craving control pill (niacin bound chromium supplement)
d) 'probese'; this is pretty much a fiber pill (carboxymethulcellulose)
I take them all in the morning with breakfast except for the probese which I'm supposed to take 15 min before meals and if I get hungry or cravings at night then I take one then also.

You should be able to find them all at a local drug store they just might be under different names. I buy the 4 from the center for $80 for a 1 month supply-they might be cheaper at other places. I would say the probese is probably the important and probably the B-factor because I have a lot of water weight.


healthyman said...

First off, im just a well wisher and wish you best in your weight loss program. I have frequented your blog multiple number of times to see your progress! I myself am trying to burn a little extra fat myself. I do taekwondo and a lot of stretching excercises, run, and play a few sports. And frankly, it is making my muscles stronger and burning fat faster than i can realise. I also eat all sorts of food stuff when im hungry, no calorie counting...just weighing in the feel good factor of the foods.

amma15 said...

thanks alot! well it sounds like you're doing great and keep it up!

rosey kiki said...

do you think a fiber pill like benefiber or metamucil would have the same effect as the probese that you are taking?

amma15 said...

rosey, I think metamucil is a good substitute for the fiber pill! I'm not actually familiar with benefiber; however, in my opinion having to make the drink and then drink it all is more of a hassle than just popping a pill!

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