Tuesday, September 4, 2007

september 4, 2007 shopping and skinny jeans

Last Friday right after my delayed weigh-in (normal weigh-ins at the clinic are Wednesday), I went to the towne center which is a relatively upscale strip mall next to the clinic where they have a whole foods. Shiela at the clinic told me I really need to make sure that I always have healthy food at hand and made me a list of things to get that included rotisserie chicken, strawberries, almonds, and deli meat.

So I decided to do some shopping! I walked into a boutique called eros and tried on this shirt that was on the mannequin the largest they had was a medium and it was way too tight especially on my stomach. I tried on some skinny and wide leg jeans in the biggest size they have, 32, in Citizens and 7 for all mankind. I couldn’t get them to completely go over my big butt and buttoning and zipping wasn’t even an option-I estimated that my true size was probably around 34 which as far as I know designers don’t make them in that size-I was surprised to even see 32s! Anyway, it might be a blessing that they didn’t have my size considering they were around 200 dollars each. Needless to day I walked out with nothing new.

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