Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today I caught the football!!!

Yes folks, I caught a football today and felt like a normal person playing at the park.

I didn't want to jump in the game and annoy everyone with my football skills which include "can't catch the football to save my life" and "can't throw the football either". Don't get me wrong I am a fit girl, just not an athletic one..........eff this I'm going in!

I was upbeat and perky which made people think it was a good idea to keep throwing the ball to me, and I proved to be great at stopping the football with my body. I would jump towards it with my arms outstretched intending on catching it but it would just slam into my body instead. I'll count how many bruises I incurred when they start showing up in their full form by tomorrow morning. I also could swear I fractured my wrist at one point, but since I can type this I can put that to rest.

People usually give you some kind of heads up when they want to throw to you and my eyes widened when the super tall kid who plays every sport pointed in my direction to get ready. "Wow he's kinda far", I thought. It went up really high and was coming down far from me so I had to run to it with my arms up in the air. I jumped, caught it with both hands, hugged it tightly against my chest, and landed with both feet on the ground all with minimal shrieking.

"I FINALLY CAUGHT THE BALL YAYYYY" I cheered for myself and it seemed like the whole park followed with a round of applause and some hoots!

NFL training camp here I come!!!!!!!


Diana said...

I'm so with you on that one - never was coordinated, even when I was thin and in shape! Congrats :)

Scale Junkie said...

LOL, I would always play in the outfield in baseball and pray no one could hit that far. Heck I can't even look coordinated in a group exercise class. GREAT JOB on catching that ball. Should we get your autograph now? Hey the Super Bowl is in Tampa this year so when you're the super star on the winning team make sure you make some time to get together for lunch with me.

Cammy said...

Score!!!! Way to go! Not just the catch, but the fact that you played at all!

Sabs said...

Well done!

amma15 said...

diana, yea but hopefully we can change that too

Scale, know the autograph can be arranged. I'll definitely do that, but if you're ever in south florida let me know and then you don' thave to wait until I'm a football star to have lunch with me.

Cammy, yea I'm usually up for the games

Sabs, thanks hon!

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