Friday, November 7, 2008

Some inspiration from that Half-Assed book

A big part of my life had been dedicated to weight loss lately. I considered it to be my hobby, but no matter how much I wanted to focus on dropping more weight, life insisted on carrying on around me.

People would always be getting married, dying, and moving-though I hoped they'd stop doing it all in the same month. I had sometimes thought it would be nice to lock myself away on a fat farm where all my food and exercise could be controlled, but I preferred living in the real world....

This is an excerpt from Jenette Fulda's Half-Assed: a weight loss memior.

These are my thoughts EXACTLY! I need to stop making this many excuses about why it's ok to not work out to my 80% potential today, or why it's fine to have a cheeseburger for dinner and 4 Nestle Toll House cookies every other day. It's ok to cut myself some slack sometimes, but I'm overindulging in it. This is is why I've been in the same 5 lb range for the past like 4-5 months now. I haven't reached my goal weight/size and I'm still carrying around too much fat for a girl of my height and bone structure.

I'm finding it challenging to focus on completing multiple missions successfully, but the reality is I'm always going to have exams, or practicals, or clinic. I'm always either going to have to wake up early or come home late or do both...and if I'm not doing these things it's because I'm on vacation so I can't use that as an excuse either.

Part of getting out of the fat mentality is to accept this is how life is and learn to effectively deal with things without having to have a side of cheese fries to soothe me.

Oh and I did see hot guy at the gym...actually I see him a lot nowadays. More on that later.


Diana said...

I hear you there. I make excuses all the time. This morning'll be my last and I have a lot of work this morning, I work too much right now (left the house at 6:15, will get home @6...and this is a short day!) and really don't have much time for breakfast. Yet, they're just that - excuses. *sigh*
How are you going to ensure that you learn to deal with stress and, well really life, in a better way? I could use the tips!

amma15 said...

diana, I think being positive and optimistic puts you in a position where you're less likely to half ass something or make excuses to pick the wrong choice. I try to do little things like remember everything I have to be greatful for when I get up in the morning, or take pleasure in life's small things like just having a good book to read!

Anonymous said...

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