Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Year Later in Pics

On July 12, 2007 I drove to the medical weight loss clinic at the persistence of my best friend Angela who found out the times of the introductory classes and gave them my info. My weight gain was rather rapid and at the height of it I had no energy, wore the same 2 pairs of BEBE sweatpants, and avoided leaving home as much as I can. This pic with my little cousin was taken about a month before:One year later I have shed roughly 45 pounds and list green apples as my favorite thing to snack on. I'm also addicted to activity and have discovered the great mental benefits of yoga. The pic below was taken about a week and a half ago in egypt, that's me in the white.

I still haven't reached my goal size but I don't consider myself on a diet. Instead, I've changed my lifestyle and acquiring new, permanent habits. I saw the clinic, the appointments, and the prescriptions as a tool to jumpstart and not the means and I haven't used those services in months. The bic below was taken about 3 weeks ago, I'm the one in yellow.

I hope my success serves as some sort of inspiration to the rest of you out there!


EvolvingMom said...

Awesome job!! I can see a really big difference in your pics! Thanks for sharing them.. I can always use motivation like it :)

Diana's Body Journey said...

You've done really great.

MizFit said...

your weightloss AND your skillz with photoshop!


amma15 said...

thanks for all the support!